Monsoon diary

The monsoon hit the south-west of India last week.Before that it was scorching heat.I woke up early morning,but it was so cold that I went inside my blanket..Aunt came and woke me up at 8 am.My paint tubes,brushes and note pads were lying around..I tidied my room quickly and got ready.

Day was uneventful..The sun was hiding behind the clouds.Evening I thought about a drive,to explore the “Queen city”..I needed a calm place,away from the city traffic..So I decided to explore the Island.

It started to rain as I passed the entry way..

md wm1

Entering the island

I couldn’t believe my eyes..Lush green trees in the city..So calm and peaceful..I stopped my car near a tea shop and ordered a tea.

md wm 2

Tea break

As i was enjoying my hot tea , I  had a little chit-chat with the shopkeeper about the Island..It was getting dark,so i said bye to him and went to see the harbour side of the Island..It was an amazing view..

wm 4

Harbour view

wm 3

After the rain on the way back

Felt so relaxed and happy..Took few photos and I drove back  with the mesmerizing view of the Island in my mind..


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