Atypical Sunday

Hi friends,

Today was an atypical Sunday for me.On a typical Sunday,I will be busy with work/travelling for job related things/meet parents or go out for a movie.Today i was free,no travel,no appointment or any pre-planned things.

When i came to this city a few months back i had a wish list in my mind.But i got so busy with my work that I didn’t get time for any of those things.Some things happened recently (which will be discussed in my next post)that made me to rethink about my life and to take a break from my busy schedule

Anyway, today I ended up meeting this incredible artist and also a wonderful human being. She is in her 70’s,has walking difficulty and poor vision.But the passion she has for art at this age really surprised me.We discussed hours,about art,different medium and techniques.Both of us had same interest too.She encouraged me to try new medium. After taking a few snaps from her studio,I said bye to her with a promise to meet her soon..

I was in cloud 9 when I went to have coffee with my bestie at this amazing cafe this evening.What caught my attention was the poster which was hanging near the stairway,”Discuss art” Oh yeah definitely a place for me.discuss art edit

The interior of the cafe had an amazing ambiencebristo edit

It’s a good feeling when you have someone to share your sandwich as well as your wish list.snacks

So that’s it!! Concluding with the famous quote by Pablo Picasso  “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”



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